Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prolific Painting Panic!

I don't usually post updates about my feats of hobbying, but I have been on fire this week with painting!

This is basically me, but with a lot less real fire.

I've managed to paint a Spitfire Celestial Guard from start to finish, a trio of Dystopian Wars Britannian Gunships from start to finish, a large chunk of a DW capital flier, and the heads of a few Malifaux models on top.

Normally, I don't feel like this kind of progress would merit a post, but I'm excited to be back in the painting groove.  Moreover, I may be getting a new camera fairly soon, so I'll finally be able to post pictures!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Human Edge I

I've compiled the first of my Human Edge stories into .pdf format.  It's all available here, in one place, for download!

Scenario - Exalted Above All others

This is an idea I had for a multi-player free-for-all.  We seldom play multiplayer games at my LGS, so I thought this would be a quick and easy way to entice regular players into the cut-throat world of four-player madness.

This scenario was designed for four players, each equidistant from the middle of the board.  Fighting has been going on for some time in this theatre, and troops are weary and in need of medical attention.  Emergency supplies have been called in, but they've landed in no man's land and haven't exactly been configured properly...


Place a marker in the exact middle of the board, equidistant from each player's deployment zone.  This marker does not block LoF, but the medical supplies are heavy and large enough that the market cannot be moved through normally.


Picking up the medical supplies takes a Short Skill.  Any Doctor or Paramedic can pick up the supplies using a Short Movement Skill instead.  Models cannot and will not drop the supplies, as they are too valuable.

The first player to pick up the medical supplies gains 4 VP.
Any player that picks up the medical supplies after the first time gains 3 VP instead of 4.  This is repeatable.
Any player that kills a model holding the medical supplies gains 2 VP.  You cannot kill your own model, even if special rules allow, to gain this VP.  This is repeatable.

Scenario - Catching Beauty's Eye

I flipped through Human Sphere at random while making lunch the other day, and I ended up landing on the Neo-Concubinage section.  After giving it a quick re-read, I thought it would be cool to design a scenario around trying to impress one of the most beautiful - and dangerous - socialites the Sphere has to offer.  So, with no further ado...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Model Review - July

Welcome to July's model review!

Metro HMG

Ranking 8/10
Finally, the Metro HMG is released, and damn does he look good.  This model manages to maintain the relative simplicity of Ariadna models, but combines this simplicity with a rough look that shows the Metro means business.  The pulled-up hood adds that extra aura of menace, too.

The HMG is of a nice scale, and it's even nicer to see a "regular guy" carrying the weapon in both hands.  With all of the one-hand-HMG-toting that's been going on in the Infinity line, I've started to wonder exactly how heavy those things really are.

I've been saying for a while now that I want to get into Merovingia (I'm an Ariadna player at heart), and the Metro HMG might just be the final push I need to throw myself into the sectorial.  Very cool model.

Shaolin Warrior Monks (box)

Ranking 8.5/10
This release is for all those Yu Jing players that had a problem with the old Monks.  These guys look fantastic, and if that weren't enough, they even bring a new loadout to the game!

The first thing to say about these Monks is that they all look cohesive.  While their poses and weapons are varied, it's very easy to tell that they're all part of one military regiment.  They have the characteristic Shaolin robes, but they also look armed for combat.  The older Monks looked, for the most part, like they were handed weapons just as they walked out of the monastery.  Also, I find the addition of staves as CCWs is a really fitting touch for the Monks.

I only have two real problems with this release.  First, where are the female Monks? The blister had a woman in it, and I assume that sexism would have been phased out by now in all but the craziest groups (see Moiras, Riot Grrls).  Second, why does the new release have to be a box?  I know that CB has been putting out Warband boxes (Galwegians, Morlocks, now Monks), but how many people honestly use 4 Warband units in a given list?  I'm betting the number is small.

In any case, the Monks look awesome, and if I find someone to split a box with (or if they end up somehow linking together), I may just pick them up.

Muyib Heavy Rocket Launcher

Ranking 7.5/10
Another new weapon for Haqqislam!  This time it belongs to the Muyibs, those crazy linkable explosive experts in the Hassassin Bahram.  As exciting as the release is, rules-wise, I feel that there's not much to be said about the model except that it shows off a new firearm.  Still, it's a smooth Muyib sculpt in an active pose that isn't too active (i.e. it's not all over the place), and it's carrying a fantastic new gun. Even though there isn't anything super-special about it, it's a nice sculpt and definitely up to Corvus Belli's usual standard.

Riot Grrl Spitfire

Ranking 8.5/10
The new Riot Grrls roar into Nomad lists this month, carrying Spitfires and targeting enemies through MSV1s.  A lot of players were confused about this unit's troop type at first, but after its stats were released, the Riot Grrl fell firmly in the camp of "light heavy infantry".  This is the second HI model in the Nomads line, and it offers an exciting alternative to the usual (but dependable) Mobile Brigada.

At first, I didn't know what to think of the Grrl's armour.  It looks like she's wearing the standard bodysuit with bits of Aleph gear tacked on.  Her pose bugged me, too: it's halfway between "hey there, camera!" and "come get some!", so I wasn't sure exactly what to make of how the "tough girl" fluff applies to the model's overall feel.  After a while, though, she sort of grew on me, and the release of her stats certainly helped matters.  I give her an extra 0.5 in the review if only because she is a brand-new - and very cool - unit.  If I played Nomads, I'd pick one up for sure.

Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin

Ranking 7/10
A Cadmus who successfully Morphoscanned Achilles and got away with it?  Yes please! least, that's what I thought when I heard about the unit.  After seeing her, though, I'm not all that impressed.  It's not that the sculpt is bad, but rather that I feel it's inappropriate in a number of ways.

First, I didn't think that the Shasvastii had gender.  I'm ok with the Speculo Killer looking female because it's his/her/its job to infiltrate enemy lines by looking just like them, so maybe some of the look rubbed off/stuck around/she's in the middle of a change.  Sheskiin, though, is (for some reason) definitely a female model.  It's not even like she Morphoscanned a woman, either.  Where is this female form coming from?

Second, I'm not a fan of the pose.  Sheskiin looks like she belongs in WHFB or some other suitably "epic" game.  If the Shasvastii marched boldly to war, facing the enemy head-on and clubbing in some heads, then Sheskiin might be more appropriate.  As it stands, their entire mode of warfare involves sneaking around, making sure that the enemy almost never sees them, and using terror-tactics to demoralize and destroy.

Anyway, this is one of those few models I'm not a fan of.  She gets the extra 0.5 for being a neat new model, rules-wise, but that's about all I'm willing to concede.


This month we have a tie!  The Riot Grrls and the new Shaolin Monks both take away the prize!  If I had to choose a winner, though, I'd pick the Riot Grrls - but only because they're an entirely new unit and not in a boxed set (not a strain on my wallet!).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Human Edge VII

Here is the very last installment of Antonio's story.  I hope everyone's enjoyed it thus far!  Look forward to my next story (and lots of other awesome writing) in the Infinity online community's short story competition.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Losing Troops Early

This is an article I wrote for my second LGS.  There are a lot of new players there, and some of them have become dismayed at the rapid loss of units that - they feel - seems unique to Infinity.  Maybe you'll get something out of this for people you know who might feel the same way!