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Campaign Paradiso: Ariadna Impressions 4 (and bonus rant!)

Ariadna Impressions 201

This mission was over in a flash. In fact, it was over so quickly that it's honestly not worth giving highlights or unit achievement summaries, except for maybe presenting the order in which my troops died to an order-fueled Marut. I don't think that this will really help the matter, though...

Endalyon opted to go first, and proceeded to jam his Lieutenant Marut down my army's throat. I managed to slow it down with multiple AROs and some careful advance positioning, but it kept doing its thing and I kept losing troops. By the end of the rampage, I was done to around 5 orders (out of a whopping 17, including 2 Irregulars), and there was very little I could do when my turn rolled around.

There were a few bright shining moments in this turn/game, though. I managed to hit and wound the Marut with my Briscard, as the Aleph war machine rolled something like 18, 18, 19, 20. We later realized that it was in a harsh environment and that it should have made some extra armour saves, but neither of us remembered at the time so rewinding would have been pointless. The Marut then stomped past an Uragan Traktor Mul, which promptly put a critical hit on it. Finally, my turn came around and I calculated that Endalyon had just put me into retreat. Using a coordinated order with two Line Kazaks and an Uragan, I managed to crit the damn Marut and score my 2 victory points for killing Endalyon's Lieutenant.

After that, I spent my remaining orders running my troops back towards my table edge (all within one move of it, actually), and spread them out as much as possible just in case he had a trick up his sleeve and I needed some last-minute interdiction against his baggage remotes (he was the defender in this scenario). The Loss of Lieutenant status, combined with my subsequent and full retreat off the board, ended the game with a 2-0 win for me.

...but it sure didn't feel like a win.

Endalyon was a great sport about everything, and I enjoyed the games insofar as they were time well spent with a friend. There is something, though, about getting curb-stomped by a TAG that just makes one sour about the whole thing. Yeah, I won, but Endalyon could have just as easily stopped one troop short of putting me into Retreat and laughed all the way to the bank as I struggled to stop him from scoring all the objective points. This is exactly what happened to another of our veterans in 102, and I feel like it raises the first major issue I have with Infinity. Namely, I feel that TAGs are a design mistake.

Please indulge me as I go off on a rage-filled tangent, and understand that this has nothing to do with the player I was up against. TAGs – when properly used – can absolutely annihilate an opponent with to-the-point precision, and there is very little one can do to consistently stop them. Should I have taken more heavy weapons in my 201 game? Probably. Would it have made a difference? I don't think so. Having a Marut with a large batch of orders behind it was enough of a blunt instrument in the first place, but when combined with Endalyon's ability to minimize AROs and the need to split bursts, it seemed absolutely ridiculous.

Did I draw many split-burst actions from the Marut? I sure did.

Did I have models protecting corners, that could Dodge into CC with the thing? I sure did.

Did I have glue guns and AP weaponry and missiles? I sure did.

What I didn't have is a turn to deal with it. If I had gone first, the Marut would have gone down in a hail of <insert munitions here>. It would have been target numero uno. As it stood, all I could do was react in such a way that my opponent had to burn through his orders to reposition his killing machine before continuing the rampage. And with 17 possible orders at the start of the game, I thought I could comfortably get some vengeance and try for the objective. I was wrong.

Endalyon and I are both competent players, and although I'm sure we both made some mistakes, we know the ropes of what to target, how to target it, when to target it, and how to react when our stuff is being shot at. I pulled everything out of my bag of tricks to try to stop the Marut's rampage, but it got me precisely nowhere: if I hadn't been put into retreat and subsequently run off the board, Endalyon could have easily spent the next few turns scoring the true objectives.

So, I've started thinking that TAGs are a serious design mistake. In the hands of a skilled player, they can side-step traps and defensive positions on their way to crushing key targets and depleting order pools so counter-attacks are feeble at best, impossible at worst. It's the combination of high BS, a lethal ARO weapon, incredible range, high speed, high armour, AND three times the regular number of wounds that just puts a TAG over the top. There are other ways to perform alpha strikes, but most of the time these can be ended with one lucky crit or one misstep on the active player's part. I got a regular wound on the reactive turn (lucky!) and not one but two crits (very lucky!), and if I hadn't...that would have been it.

So how do you stop a TAG rampage on the first turn?

Q) Hide your guys behind buildings and make your opponent spend orders getting there?
A) No problem: 6-4 mov and high burst/high BS mean you don't necessarily care about getting models in your +3 range.  You just need to see them.

Q) Present a number of high-damage weapons and Camo threats?
A) No problem: isolate those models one at a time and overcome them with superior burst and ballistic skill. Kill the models that can reliably kill you on their turn and hide away, if you have to. If you can't just kill all of them, that is.

Q) Mono-Filament?
A) Cool, but how many models have this?

Q) Kill it on your active turn?
A) Also cool, but this only works if you get an active turn in the first place.

At any rate, that's my little tangent-rant about TAGs. I think they're cool, aesthetically speaking, but I don't think a model with those stats belongs in Infinity. After all, this is supposed to be a game where every choice matters, not a game where the significance of choices are crushed beneath the superior everything of a murderous war machine.

I had a great time kicking back, eating some delicious food, and playing some Infinity with another member of our Ottawa community, but I'll be damned if I don't feel that a TAG robbed me of an opportunity to play an actual game.

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Unpacking - ALEPH Ajax

Here is ALEPH's Ajax the Great, in pieces and "assembled", courtesy of Baiyuan over on the Infinity forums.  Check out his progress thread here!

Unpacking - Nomads Sin Eater HMG

Here is the Nomads' Sin Eater with brutal and nasty HMG, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Nomads Sin Eater Multi Sniper

Here is the Nomads' Sin Eater with Multi Sniper Rifle, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums.

Unpacking - Nomads Spektr MULTI Sniper

Here is the Nomads' Spektr, carrying a Multi Sniper Rifle, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums.

Campaign Paradiso - Ariadna Impressions 3

Ariadna Impressions 103

I threw down with Endalyon the other day to play Campaign: Paradiso's Missions 103 and 201. Endalyon usually plays JSA, but he's chosen to run his chiefly-vedic Aleph army for our current campaign. As you might have gathered from my posts so far, I actually fear playing Aleph, so I went into these two games with a bit of trepidation.

In the end, I managed to squeak out a 1-0 win for 103. We got stuck with opposite corner deployment, and while Endalyon struggled to put together a 250 Aleph list, I found it difficult to split my orders in such a way that the destruction of one group wouldn't outright screw me.

On top of that, I put together a list that breaks one of my fundamental rules of campaign play: I didn't take more than one actual multi-wound ARO weapon. Normally I find this to be really useful, but it seems like a necessity against Aleph (with their fast “2 wound” specialists), but for some reason I decided to take a different approach this game. Endalyon, on the other hand, played things intelligently and took a TO sniper to pick off my impetuous engineers and generally make life hell for my non-visor army. It didn't help that my single flamethrower was on the other side of the board, either.

On to some highlights!

Task Force Blue

Valerya Gromoz
My original plan was to fire off a few Marker shots and open one of the access doors on my first turn, but all three of Valerya's Repeaters went (very) wild. In fact, they went so wild that two of them ended up covering half of one of Endalyon's deployment zones. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it to hack.

Valerya then hunkered down for the majority of the mission, and only made a break for the door when there was no other real option. She was gunned down in ARO, and I promptly failed her MEDEVAC and CUBEVAC rolls. Because of our campaign rules, this means that I can no longer field her – and that I no longer have access to a semi-decent hacker. Sure, I can take the Druze, but that means I won't be taking any Caledonians. Bah.

Rank: F. I could have taken anything else for 26 points, and it would have been more useful.

Chasseur Forward Observer
I pushed this guy towards what I thought was Endalyon's weaker deployment zone (Asura with Hacking Plus, Deva with Devabot, Camo Marker, Warcor – which later turned out to be a Chandra). My ultimate goal was to mark something for my Uragan, and maybe use my flamethrower to get rid of the Camo piece.

This didn't happen (in fact, the Chasseur died to a very angry Devabot in the late game), but his position meant that the Asura had to be looking in his general direction. This, in turn, set my Zouave up for his own Forward Observation attempts.

Rank: B-. While he did little more than stand there and maybe ward off a Devabot blitz on my deployment zone, the potential of a Forward Observer on this particular flank meant that Endalyon couldn't have his Asura looking in both directions. MSV3 is great, but it doesn't let you see behind you!

Irmandinho (Chain Rifle)
Endalyon knew how to deal with my Irmandinhos, and it didn't take him long to hunt them down. This particular pirate died in rather short order, despite his +1 ARM increase from Booty. Sadly, his death wasn't even worth it, as Endalyon really didn't have to overextend to get at him.

Rank: F. Cheap and handy to have, but he died way too quickly in this game and didn't even draw out enemy troops while doing so.

Briscard Forward Observer
One of the many Forward Observers in my list. I think I went way too far when it came to this particular piece of equipment, but I did manage to get a lot of use out of Flash Pulses: over the course of the game, Endalyon and I both froze at least 2 units each.

This model put some pressure on Endalyon's far flank, and his Assault Pistol made sure that the Sophotect wouldn't be able to handle any objectives. Shortly after, Endalyon snuck up on the Briscard with a Naga and put down a mine, but he didn't have enough orders to finish the job. After some negotiating with other models (read: Kyle the Volunteer actually took out a mine), the Briscard tried to attack the Mk1 Prox Engineer, but to no avail. One wound wasn't enough, and the Proxy lived to fight another day. A lone Dakini picked up where the Naga left off, and finally ended the Briscard.

Rank: A. He had some great opportunities, and ultimately did some pretty good damage (dead Sophotect and wounded Proxy). Endalyon also burned through a fair number of orders getting rid of him. It could have been better, but the dice had other ideas. Not his fault!

Volunteer (Chain Rifle)
This jerk is notorious for just sitting there and covering short angles with his Chain Rifle. This game, Kyle actually managed to earn his wages as he discovered and subsequently destroyed a mine with his Chain Rifle. Ariadna players, I find, have to be very sensitive of the range differences between weapons, and this helps us navigate the differences between templates as well.

In the end, Kyle stood in an open field, threatening the door to the objective with his shotgun. Nothing really came of it, but at least it made Endalyon think about his final blitz to the objective.

Rank: A. He got rid of the Mine pinning me down and threatened the objective the best way he could. Barring a lucky crit, I really couldn't ask for more from this guy.

Dozer (Control Device)
This Dozer hid for most of the game, just twiddling his thumbs behind a corner with his precious Traktor Muls. As usual, though, he was called upon to save the day in the last turn, and it was his bold dash to the access door that scored me my only victory point. By this point, I didn't have enough orders to press for more points, but the Dozer managed to pass a Dodge roll and hunker down inside the room, making Endalyon's already-wounded Proxy spend precious orders on gunning him down before trying to claim her own points from laying a beacon.

Rank: A+. He scored my only point, and made Endalyon spend just enough orders that he only had one attempt at victory.

Traktor Mul (Uragan)
Oh my, yes. This remote only got one volley off during the entire game, but it was against a marked Asura that failed all three of her saves. That, and its Baggage ability probably made me feel more comfortable about my Retreat threshold. If machines could get promotions, this Traktor Mul definitely earned one.

Rank: A+. This remote did exactly what I brought it to do, in every possible way.

Traktor Mul(Minesweeper)
The relative lack of Mines and the agonizingly slow speed of the Traktor Muls meant that I didn't use this model's Minesweeper ability, but that's ok. Practically speaking, I only took it for the 5 point Regular order. It fulfilled this function just fine.

Rank: B+. Good job hiding and giving me an extra order all game long, Traktor Mul.

Task Force Red

Irmadinho (Chain Rifle)
This particular pirate provoked a wayward ARO from a distant Dakini, but Smoke helped him to survive while he tried to close with the objective. I had spent most of my orders on my Zouave, though, so I didn't have enough to get this Irmandinho into total cover. This ultimately cost me his life, as Endalyon's Mk2 Proxy sniped his brains out. Next time, I really need to pair my Irmandinhos with Galwegian bodyguards for that extra Smoke.

Rank: D. He was one good Dodge roll away from total cover and an eventual path to the objectives, but I couldn't roll to save his life. Otherwise, his status as quick Engineer just made him a bullet-magnet.

Line Kazaks (x3)
One of these intrepid Kazaks was my Lieutenant, but it wasn't the one that Endalyon took a shot at with his sniper (said shot missed because he split his burst against something else on that flank). Otherwise, they did very little other than provide me a few extra Regular orders. My Lieutenant took a pot-shot at the Proxy Mk2 on my last turn, hoping to clear some room for my Autocannon to go on a (small) rampage, but she missed wildly and ducked back into cover. Another of the Kazaks ran up and took a shot at Endalyon's Deva Lieutenant, but she passed her arm rolls and failed Guts to end up out of LoF.

I'm actually feeling bad about running 3 Kazaks in each of my lists, but I feel like I'm almost forced to take them to up my order count. Two Combat Groups is a tricky proposition, as you really need to have the orders to make both groups work – especially against a skilled opponent.

Rank: B. Satisfactory. I would have been very pleased if my Lieutenant had scored a kill on that last turn, but I sure wasn't expecting it.

Tankhunter (Autocannon)
The Tankhunter's first real action of the game almost resulted in its death. He took a shot at a distant (but definitely within reach) Dakini to soften Endalyon's flank, and was promptly fired upon by a Proxy mk2 in Hidden Deployment. After some rapid flipping through books, forum threads, and the FAQ, we concluded that the Proxy couldn't have fired because it was not actually an active proxy.

This set the confused tone for the entire game, as these two models stared each other down, ducking in and out of total cover in an attempt to get rid of their opponent. In the end, neither won this battle, but the LoF they drew across the battlefield prevented both me and Endalyon from having a free trip towards the centre objective. We had, in a way, forced each other to adopt better positions overlooking the objective than we maybe intended to take at the beginning.

Rank: A-. Definitely an annoyance for Endalyon. He failed an ARO against the Proxy mk1 as it ran towards the objective, though, which knocks it down a little bit in ranking.

Zouave Forward Observer
One dead Asura, courtesy of this guy here. I wasn't about to let a BS14 3-wound monster run amok on the objective, so I pushed this Zouave hard so that he'd get LoF on what I basically considered my priority target. He managed to catch her with her back turned, and successfully called down an Uragan bombardment, removing her from the board.

After this all-star achievement, he continued to nettle Endalyon's weaker deployment zone, killing his Chandra but ultimately falling to a very angry Deva's Combi Rifle.

Rank: A+. He almost single-handedly softened Endalyon's second deployment zone to the point of scenario impotence. Even though the orders I spent on this guy meant that I couldn't quite dislodge Endalyon's Proxy mk2 with my Tankhunter, I consider them well worth it for what they accomplished on the far side of the table.

Foxtrot (Rifle, Mines)
To be honest, I just squeezed this guy into my list because I was 17 points short of 250. He pushed forward to cover the door opposite the Asura, but he was unneeded on that flank in the end. A few turns later, I ran him over to deal with Endalyon's exposed Naga and to drop a mine near his Proxy mk2, but he was summarily slain by (if I remember correctly) the Proxy mk1.

After some after-game discussion with Endalyon, I realized that I probably should have sent him after the Proxy mk1 instead. I probably didn't because I try to avoid outright targeting my opponents' specialists (unless they're right on the objectives), but I think this was more of a subconscious decision than any deliberate idea to steer clear.

Rank: A. The faulty deployment was my fault, but I didn't know that my Zouave would do so well. He got rid of the Naga blocking my path to the objective, but I somehow feel he could have done more.


In the end, the game boiled down to my Dozer grabbing a point for opening the doors. Endalyon pressed his wounded Proxy mk1 forward, but because of various points of ARO interference and a depleted order pool, he only had one attempt to plant a beacon. This attempt failed, so I “won” 1-0 – but neither of us felt like the scenario had a clear winner, or even a clearly stronger player.

After a lot of mutual griping about how hard it was to get to the middle in three turns, we went out to dinner to take a break before getting to 201. Little did we know that that particular mission was going to be worse. Much, much worse.

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Unpacking - Combined Army Malignos Hacker

Here is the Combined Army's Malignos Hacker, front and back, courtesy of Phototropic over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Combined Army Drones Box

Here are the Combined Army's remote drones, front and back, courtesy of Phototropic over on the Infinity forums!

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Faction Post Upgrades!

Following a very good suggestion, I've gone through and attached faction tags to all the relevant posts in this blog.  Mostly, this will let you filter through unpacks you don't want to see, but it'll also let you pick out my Ariadna and Yu Jing articles at a glance.

Happy holidays to everyone, and stay safe!

The Molotok

Property of Corvus Belli.  From Campaign: Paradiso.

With Paradiso's arrival, Ariadna has finally received a weapon that might start replacing our beloved HMG.  The Molotok (meaning hammer in a bajilion Eastern European languages) is Ariadna's version of the Spitfire, and I have to admit that despite my initial excitement at hearing about a new weapon...I was a bit underwhelmed when I first saw it.

I mean, one of the main draws of the Spitfire is that it is at +3 from 0-24", covering that blind spot that the HMG sometimes gets into (especially on units that start or blitz up the board).  The Molotok doesn't have that blind spot covered.  In fact, it's just like an HMG but with a shorter/smaller +3 range, and nothing to make up for it.

Nothing except the cost, that is.  HMGs are expensive buggers, and Molotoks seem cheap like nobody's business.  As Corvus Belli has requested players not to reveal the formula they use to design units, I won't be too precise (but send me a message and I can give you my breakdown!)...but from what I've worked out, the Molotok is a lot closer in cost to a Combi-Rifle than it is to a Spitfire.  And that's saying something.

All that's left to say, really, is...can I have one of these on a Zouave, please?

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Unpacking - Yu Jing Wu Ming Box

Here are Yu Jing's Wu Ming in a boxed set, including all the old (and new) loadouts besides the Boarding Shotgun.

Straight from the box!

Bag opened!

Closeup of firearms!

Unpacking - Ariadna Uxia McNeill (Covert Action)

Here is Ariadna's Uxia McNeill, Paradiso style!

Unpacking - Ariadna Traktor Mul

Here are Ariadna's Traktor Mul remotes!  It took me a little while to actually get them because of Paradiso's release (our local supplier has apparently been flooded with requests for specialists and Baggage remotes), but here they are for your perusal!

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Campaign Paradiso - Ariadna Impressions 2

Alright.  Mission 102 down, and I'm still convinced that Irmandinhos are Corvus Belli's gift to Ariadna players everywhere.  I'm also convinced that Ariadna does really well with two combat groups.

This time I played Aleph, my least favourite faction to play against because of all those ODDs, not to mention the MSV3 (almost ubiquitous among Aleph players in our group).  I knew that I was coming up against them, though, so I made sure to be ready.  Here's what I took.

Task Force Blue
Chasseur (Minelayer)
Cateran (T2 Sniper)
Kazak Doktor
Irmandinhos (Chain Rifle)
Caledonian Volunteer (Chain Rifle)
Intel (Holoprojector 1, Minelayer)
Line Kazak (Rifle)

Task Force Red
Chasseur (Rifle, Light Flamethrower)
Father Lucien Sforza (pretending to be a Metro Rifle)
Dozer (Control Device)
Tankhunter (Autocannon)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Traktor Mul (Minesweeper)
Irmandinhos (Chain Rifle)
Line Kazak (Lieutenant)
Loup Garou (Viral Rifle, Flash LGL)

Task Force Blue was chiefly designed to present an ARO threat to those multi-wound Aleph jerks.  Aleph really doesn't like Shock ammo, so I was aiming to place Mines pretty much everywhere (especially close to Point 5, the one that my opponent had to get close to).  The Line Kazak and Volunteer were there to bolster my order pool.

Task Force Red was designed to propel my Engineers towards the objectives.  I added a few ARO threats in there as well, just in case my Task Force Blue threats got wiped off the map.  Since I knew my opponent would be pushing models up the board, I took a Flash Light Grenade Launcher for some Speculative Fire madness.

In the end, my opponent - the talented and very awesome Century - didn't end up bringing the Asura I so feared.  Instead, I stared down a Myrmidon with Spitfire, Deva with MSV2/Spitfire, and a Sophotect with two helper-bots among other crazy Aleph threats.  After a few miserable scatters from my Chasseurs (both ended up in my deployment zone, on my table edge...), I sustained an early casualty as my Loup became the primary target of a Naga Sniper.

It was all part of the plan, though...well, mostly.  I had planned on losing most of my ARO-dedicated models towards the greater goal of scoring points, and that didn't even happen.  At least not completely.  On to some unit highlights!


The Cateran was one of the real all-stars here.  I set up him up on the flank closest to Century's Sophotect, but he didn't really join the fray until the third turn or so.  If I remember correctly, he managed to destroy a Deva Spitfire on one turn, then put a giant hole in the Sophotect (critical hit!) near the end.  With Century's only Engineer dead, he had no choice but to rush his troops at me to keep me from scoring any more points.  This final rush ended up with his Chandra taking out my Cateran, but I think it was well worth it.

My Chasseurs (both of them) ended up scattering so far back that they started at my edge of my deployment zone, as far from the battle as humanly possible.  Paradoxically, this pretty much made them the opposite of priority targets, even though they were out in the open.  I kept Century busy with other models and with objective-takers, so my Chasseurs were left mostly unmolested.  This turned out to be a really good thing, because it let me use them to lay down minefields in the late game: one Chasseur basically rendered the middle objective unreachable, and the other one took bloody vengeance on a Myrmidon Spitfire that was stomping through my centre line.

The Irmandinhos (one with E/M Grenades, the other with +2 ARM) both shone like bright little stars this game, as their speed and Smoke Grenades/high PH made it very hard for my opponent to get rid of all my Engineers.  In the end, both of them died to a very angry Myrmidon Spitfire, but not before they scored (or helped score) 4 points.  I really think that these guys are essential in any Campaign: Paradiso list.

Father Lucien Sforza may have died for good this game, but not before taking out a pain-in-the-ass Naga Sniper and making life prickly for Century's right flank.  I really didn't mind paying 23 points for a fast swiss army knife with BS13, especially one that cleared the only dangerous sniper lane in the entire game.  I wish he hadn't died (I had a Doctor and two Baggage remotes), but I'm not going to lose sleep over it because I've got a few Loups waiting in the wings.

My Dozer saved the day, as usual.  She managed to pick up the data from an Irmandinho's corpse and run full-tilt towards the last objective point.  She managed to claim me another objective point with my very last order just before being shot in the face by Century's Deva Lieutenant, but I like to think that my Doktor got there in time to save this heroine.  I love bringing an easily-controlled Engineer along with my Irmandinhos, especially because this is the second time that the Dozer has picked up the data from some very dead pirates.

The mighty Tankhunter blew open one of those damned helperbots on the reactive turn, and made sure that a certain Lhost Engineer didn't come out from behind her rock for at least a little while.  Well, at least from one possible angle.  The Tankhunter belonged to my crew of "2+ wound" AROs, and he definitely did his job by standing there and looking scary.

Anyway, this game was really close, and Century and I both had a lot of fun fighting over the objectives.  Things got really tense at a few points, but it was the "oh man, what's going to happen?" sort of tension that comes when things really get down to the wire.  I can't wait to see what happens next.

Unpacking - Ariadna Mirage-5

Here is Ariadna's Mirage-5 team (Margot and Duroc), both front and back!

Unpacking - Miyamoto Musashi

Here is the lethal mercenary Miyamoto Musashi, front and back!

Unpacking - Ariadna Loup Garou Box

Here is Ariadna's box of Loup Garou, courtesy of Sepsitorizedmook over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Ariadna Antipodes Assault Pack

Here is Ariadna's Antipodes Assault Pack, courtesy of Sepsitorizedmook over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Ariadna Tankhunters Double Blister

Here are Ariadna's Tankhunters in a double-blister (ADHL/AP Rifle and AP HMG), courtesy of Sepsitorizedmook over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Ariadna Veteran Kazak AP HMG

Here is Ariadna's mighty Veteran Kazak with AP HMG, courtesy of Sepsitorizedmook over on the Infinity forums!

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Unpacking - Combined Army Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin

Here is the Combined Army's scary-as-hell Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin - both front and back - courtesy of Fenrir on the Infinity forums!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Unpacking - PanOceania Trauma Doc

Here is PanOceania's Trauma Doc, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Palbots

Here are PanOceania's Palbots, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Nisse HMG

Here is PanOceania's Nisse with HMG, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Mulebots

Here are PanOceania's Mulebots, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Machinist

Here is PanOceania's valiant Machinist, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Knight of Montesa Combi Rifle

Here is PanOceania's Knight of Montesa with Combi Rifle, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Dronbot Remotes

Here are PanOceania's Dronbot Remotes, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Father-Officer Gabriele de Fersen

Here is PanOceania's Father de Fersen, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Croc Man Multi Sniper Rifle

Here is PanOceania's Croc Man with Multi Sniper Rifle, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Armbots Bulleteer

Here is PanOceania's Armbot Bulleteer, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Bagh Mari Combi Rifle

Here is PanOceania's Bagh Mari with Combi Rifle, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - PanOceania Akalis Combi-Rifle and HMG

Here is PanOceania's Akalis Sikh Commandos with Combi-Rifle and HMG, courtesy of Harlekin over on the Infinity forums!

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Unpacking - Ariadna Roger Van Zant

Here is Ariadna's Roger Van Zant (and all of his arms!), courtesy of Dicebag over on the Infinity forums!