Monday, May 20, 2013

Terrain Project - Some Assembly Required!

I had the chance to do some work on my terrain piece this weekend.  The first thing I really wanted to do is get those walls up into something resembling a room.  It doesn't really matter what it looks like yet, as long as four walls are propped up on my base.  Here's what I've got so far.

You might notice the little wooden doohickey next to the door.  That'd be the control panel, and I promise that it'll be prettier once all the paint is on.  I got a number of "control panel" pieces from punch-out dollar store buildings - they're like laser-cut MDF, but they're really really really really bad.  For a buck, though, I got something like 15 potential panels in weird and wonderful shapes.

As for the door, the HDF itself is held in place by a handy bit of foamcore on the inside of the building, seen here:

Basically, it's a little slot that the door can slide into (and out of), whenever players trigger the door controls/achieve the objective requirements.  Here's the door half-open, just for fun:

One of the door "mechanisms" was glued a little tighter than the other, so the above door can actually hang in place (if, for some reason, you'd want a half-open door...).  The other door (not shown here) either slides in or slides out, with no in-between state.  I don't have a picture of it, because it's essentially the same thing.  Once I get some more work done on the structure, I'll take some 360 photos, maybe even a 360 panorama.

Next time, I should have some more panels, piping, and details on the building!  Keep checking back to see the next step in this project!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Terrain Project - Hacking and Cutting!

I finally got my act together this past weekend and did a little bit of cutting and hacking.  Hacking HDF, and hacking after I finished sawing into damn stuff with my Dremel.  Yes, I was wearing a mask and goggles.  Yes, it still smelled deliciously sweet and lung-collapsy.  After the first time, I made a deliberate effort NOT to inhale.

Anywhere, here's the new piece of HDF I'm going to be using for doors.  I've stencilled it out so that the doors themselves are wider than the actual 50mm "Wide Gate Markers", because they're going to be sliding into little slots inside the building proper.

I don't have a table-saw, so I have to use my Dremel to perform the magic that is terrain-building.  The big problem with a Dremel is that it's a rather big instrument, so it's really hard to get straight cuts on lines that are far into the surface I'm actually cutting.  This made my HDF "doors" a little smaller than I expected, but they should still be big enough to fully overlap a hole the size of a Wide Gate.

Next come the Wide Gates themselves.

I've cut them into two of my pieces of foamcore, right in the middle.  That, of course, means that I'll have to shave a bit off each edge of the foamcore sheet to make them all fit neatly together (I usually take a larger chunk off one side to make them fit, but whatever!).  Imagine the HDF Doors sliding into a slot on the inside of the building, blocking up these Wide Gates from the outside.  Here's a visual.

And here's a picture of how much bigger the Doors are than the hole (the piece left over from cutting out the hole is being used here to show the difference).

And hell, maybe I'll throw a control panel next to the door to make it even look more interesting.  Next time, I should have the basic room (4 walls) fully constructed, and I'll be starting to put together the frames that will hold the doors securely in place during play.  See you then!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Terrain Project - More Materials!

I stopped by at a local Staples today to pick up some foamcore for my terrain project.  After this massive expenditure, I suddenly felt emboldened!  I fired up my Dremel and cut a perfect square out of the HDF I'd recently picked up at an art store.  Stage one complete!

The stuff!

I also found these green acetate and black mesh sheets kicking around in my supplies, and I've been wondering what I could do with them.  The mesh might make good window-filing, good doors, or even good floor-covering.  The acetate is clearly a Low-Vis thing, but I have no idea how I'm going to use it.  Yet.

OIA Paradiso One Tournament!

Just this past Friday, the Ottawa Infinity Association held our Paradiso One tournament.  We only had four players due to a wide variety of reasons, but everyone fought hard to take their place in the winner's circle!

Our four players were as follows: Endalyon, running Tohaa; Henshini, running the Imperial Service; Robock, running Bakunin; and yours truly, running the Imperial Service as well.  After three rounds, the smoke cleared to reveal a resounding Imperial Service victory, with me and Henshini taking first and second place.

Here are some photos from the day:

Table 1 (side view)

Table 2 (side view)

Table 3 (side view)

Table 3 - ISS vs ISS

Table 3 - Sforza Holos!

Table 1 - Tohaa amasses!

Table 1 - Bakunin lines up!

Table 1 - Moderator Link in Shadow

Table 3 - half-painted Kuang Shi

Table 3 - Husong waiting for prey

Table 3 - Celestial Guard link awaits...

Table 3 - Sforza takes a dirt nap

Table 1 - Moderator link team stands out!

Table 3 - Su Jian meets Garuda HMG