Sunday, April 14, 2013

Painting in progress - Kuang Shi

I've been taking a lot of pictures for other posts, so I thought I'd throw up a WIP of my Kuang Shi thus far.

Campaign Paradiso - Ariadna Impressions 9

This past Friday, I squared off against Endalyon yet again, this time in Mission 302.  We've both been noticing that for whatever reason, we almost always end up paired off together after the initial round.  This must mean something, but I really have no idea what.

Anyway, on to the mission!  We rolled a very reasonably scattering of Crash Coffins, with only one side being slightly favoured.  Endalyon won the initiative roll, so I quickly snatched up the "better" side to dull the inevitable pain of the first turn advantage.  And what a pain it was...

With his first turn, Endalyon blitzed his Sophotect and her Yudbot forward, intent on discovering as much as possible.  It helped that Endalyon's dice were on fire, because he revealed 4 Assistants and the Delegate almost immediately.  The turn ended with Sophie synching up with the delegate (on her second attempt - thank you, -3 synch penalty!) and running behind a building.

Cue my first hero of the game: the Veteran Kazak AP HMG.

Notice the slight discolouration on her left glove.  That's because she fell off the table during deployment and lost both arms, sustaining some damage to the paint on the way.  That's ok, though, because even while armless, the Veteran Kazak is an unholy terror.  This particular Vet was my Lieutenant, and that extra order helped her smoke a Chandra on the way up to Sophie, then put the Aleph Doctor/Engineer down for good.  I didn't have enough orders to reach the Delegate on my first turn, but the Veteran ultimately held the line and snagged the Delegate in time to drag her back to my deployment zone, and into a dropship, just before Endalyon's forces fled off the table.

Cue my second hero of the game: the Intel.

Now, my Intel technically didn't do anything the entire game besides hide behind a crate, pretending to be a Moblot with Panzerfaust.  I recently bought Chain of Command for him, though, which let me take a Veteran Kazak Lieutenant without being afraid of missing a turn due to LoL.  This let me run my Veteran AP HMG entirely without fear...which got me an extra 4 points by pulling the Delegate out from under Endalyon's nose.

Cue my third hero of the game: the Galwegian Chain Rifle.

Yes, I know the poor guy is unpainted.  I have this thing against painting my Caledonians, because I really hate painting tartan.  I really should get around to it, though, because this guy was fantastic in Mission 302.  First, he managed to uncover an Assistant to score me a measly point.  Then he ran up, hidden by cover, and managed to drop a Chain Rifle template on a cluster of Endalyon's troops - this killed a Combi remote and a Naga, who dropped a Mono mine.  On the next order, the Galwegian laughed at the Mono mine, putting a bit of hurt on a Proxy Mk1 as well and making sure the Naga stayed down (important with a doctor so close).  The Galwegian died to tiny bits of mono-shrapnel, of course, but I think the 6-for-50some point trade was well worth it.  This attack on Endalyon's order pool helped to put him dangerously close to retreat, though, so I need to watch what I'm doing next time.

In the end, Endalyon won based on the strength of his first turn (in "points gained", at least).  I really hate the first-turn advantage that some scenarios give players, especially when they then hamstring certain factions/playstyles (no Infiltration in this mission...sounds great to all you Ariadna players out there, eh?).  I think, in the end, that Paradiso is one of the ways that CB is testing exactly how they need to balance future scenarios.  It's just unfortunate that it took them this long to get started on it.

Terrain Project - The Challenge!

One of our local players, the talented Century, is thinking of running a tournament. The very special thing about this tournament is that first prize is a 28mm miniature of choice painted by him. This should give you an idea of just how valuable this prize is:

Hi, I'm Century's Asura.  He painted me.  
Now, I'm no slouch when it comes to painting, but this is fantastic.  Century is a bloody painting god.  So you'd better believe I want that prize!

The cool thing about this tournament is that Century is not asking for a cash entry.  Instead, he's asking that each entrant puts a serious effort into making terrain to beautify our club tables.  I'm not going to go over the specific rules here, but I think this is a fantastic idea on Century's part, and tremendously generous of him to provide a prize that's...well...ridiculously awesome.

My overall plan is to make an 8x8 control room and load it with tonnes of detail and incidentals.  We've been playing Paradiso with make-shift objective rooms, so I think this piece will be a good contribution.  I've already started to pick up a bunch of supplies:

The Base

I picked up this 8x10 piece of HDF at a local Wallack's art supply store for a few bucks.  I'm going to saw it down to an 8x8 and use the remaining pieces as sturdy bases for freestanding ladders (something we really lack at our LGS).

The Bits

I've had this Pegasus Chemical Plant kit kicking around for a long time, and now I'll finally have something to use it on.  I'm probably going to use the grill-work to augment the feeling of a central operations room, and pipes will help decorate the walls to make it look like the room is actually part of a facility.

The Want

This console piece from Antenociti's Workshop is something I've been looking at for a while, and I think it would be just the thing for a control room centrepiece.  I haven't ordered it yet, because I'm looking at some of the other fantastic stuff Antenociti offers for use as incidentals or decoration.

The Next Time

At any rate, I'm hoping that this terrain project will push me to update my blog a bit more, so that I can show my progress from "bits lying around my basement" to "impressive control room tournament entry".  Stay tuned!

Unpacking - Combined Army Seed Soldiers

Here are the Combined Army's Seed Soldiers (Combi, Light GL), courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Combined Army Slave Drones

Here are the Combined Army's Slave Drones, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Combined Army Noctifer Spitfire

Here is the Combined Army's Noctifer with Spitfire, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Combined Army Medtech Obsidon

Here is the Combined Army's Medtech Obsidon, courtesy of reddragon76 over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Haqqislam Hazfa Rifle

Here is the double-blister of Haqqislam's Hafza (with Rifle), courtesy of Viqor over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Haqqislam Taureg Sniper

Here is Haqqislam's Taureg Sniper, courtesy of Viqor over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Yu Jing Su Jian

Here is Yu Jing's Su Jian, courtesy of Pierzasty over on the Infinity forums!

Unpacking - Yu Jing Bao Troops

Here are the contents of Yu Jing's Bao Troops box!