Monday, September 7, 2015

Assembly Misadventure!

I just picked up a bunch of Nomads for a new vanilla army, because I'm getting tired of running the same limited sectorial every week. I feel like it's pretty limited on a strategic level, so I just end up playing variations on the same game (with my lousy dice, of course!) whenever I hit the table. These new Nomads should fix my variety issue!

Now, normally I have no problem assembling Infinity models. I don't pin them, because I think they're too delicate to abuse with further drilling (and besides, they don't usually need it!). My one and only exception was the Garuda, because damn - the ALEPH bots are a massive pain, and arms kept falling off unless they were anchored. My brief stint with BMG (the Batman Miniatures Game) reminded me of long-forgotten pain, as practically every second blister had some sort of casting error. When I say casting error, though, I don't mean lots of flash or even balls-too-big-for-sockets. Those are easy fixes. No, by "casting error", I mean holes in the model and parts simply not fitting. For example, one guy has two bicep sockets that are supposed to slot into two elbows attached to the arms-piece, and I literally had to pry them apart with pliers to even attempt to fit them together. Lots of green stuff required to make it look like he wasn't a rubbery-armed mutant...

I didn't think I'd have these kinds of problems with Infinity minis, but I was proven wrong today as I went to assemble my Prowler with Combi/ADHL. It's one of those obnoxious "two arms carrying one gun, neither of which is attached to the body" sculpts, so you have to make sure to fit everything neatly together before committing to glue. And trust me, things did not fit together. If one arm fit and held the gun, the other arm jutted out wildly from its socket and needed significant sanding and green stuff to look normal. If I put in the gun-arm first, the other arm had a wrist-stump floating in midair a good centimetre away from where it was supposed to be. Argh.

Fortunately, I haven't had many problems like this with Infinity, to date. I'm actually quite willing to give them a soft pass on this, because sometimes things slip past quality control. That, and I've recently had to put up with much, much worse!

So hopefully your Prowlers (and other CB minis) don't have the same issue, because I know how frustrating it can be, especially on this small a scale. Also, be very careful when investing in new minis game, or you might get stung - as I did - by a quality control system that is vastly underwhelming compared to what you're used to with Infinity.

Till next time!


  1. Man, I feel your pain. Some games I've abandoned due to casting errors as not worth the trouble. One thing I love about historical metal miniatures, other than being around $2-3 per miniature, is that they're often one-piece castings. Do you mind sharing which Batman miniatures you had problems with? Hopefully none that I'm interested in.

  2. Yeah, that's totally fair. I passed up a tonne of McVey SF minis (for proxies) for very cheap just because they were wretchedly cast.

    I had trouble with Smash and Dallas (Bane box), as well as TNT (gun), Catwoman (no texture on suit), and Mohawk (awful head/neck joint). Hope this helps!