Happy New Year - and Updates!

Happy new year, everyone! I've just gotten back from my short vacation, and now I'm starting to work on a gentle revamp of various units for Pendant World. Inspired by the conversation I had with playtesters last time, I'm looking to streamline some units and provide a lot more in the way of reactive options. Stay tuned!

Battle Report - Boudicca, Scourge of Rome VS Manfred Rochdale

Source: Yesterday, one of my playtesters and I met up to play the Black Telephone scenario (core 23). He has been waiting for the Once Forgotten to hit the table, as he's a huge fan of undead factions in other games. I decided to take up the Fair Ones this time, figuring that they would be more than curious to see what messages came through the phones from the other side - whatever the other side is. This time, we tested out adjusted point totals and played a 150 point game. By the end of it, we agreed that 200 point games might be a bit more interesting (more models, more options), but this game was a fun scrap over a few ringing phones.

The Devotee of Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror

The Devotee of Tezcatlipoca is another Ravenous Beyond cult model, but unlike the Disciple of Malphas, she is more than able to sneak around on her own and cause damage behind enemy lines. This article will go through what the Devotee is capable of doing now, along with a quick look at a previous version, and how she might benefit your faction in a game of Pendant World .

The Leakings of Ahul Puh

The Leakings of Ahul Puh is a manifestation of a plague-entity that has reached out through a human corpse in order to spread decay in the world. It craves nothing more than to pull the living to it and dissolve them slowly in its core, rendering reality down to the nothingness it should be, one person at a time. As with other articles, this piece will focus on where the Leakings currently stand in Pendant World , where they came from, and how best you might use them on the table.

Jigoku no Jinmenken

The Jigoku no Jinmenken is a hideous demon-creature made from a corrupted mortal shell still plagued by its sense of lost humanity. It is a hunter, often focusing on a single lonely prey and using its superior strength and durability to bring it down. As with articles on other units (to date, the Thug and the  Disciple of Malphas ), this article will focus on the current state of the Jinmenken, as well as previous iterations and leaders it might excel with in a game of Pendant World .

Leader Spotlight - Dr. Maria Kharcheva

The second leader spotlight is on Dr. Maria Kharcheva, the daughter of Soviet Union secret police that managed to stop a reality-changing frequency from being broadcast across the entire world. She has followed in their footsteps, and is now the Hellfire group's foremost archivist and curator of treasures, both magical and mundane.

Leader Spotlight - Dr. Paul Abberline

Dr. Paul Abberline is the first leader I'll be looking at, and going into his transition from the knowledge-seeking leader of early Pendant World to the fragile but lethal ranged threat he is today.